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Love Letter [America x Reader]
~Reader's POV~
You shuffled some textbooks into your locker and took out the binder you would need for your next class. You were walking towards your specific class when you felt another presence next to you.
"Hey [Name]! Heading to History?"
"Hello yourself Alfred. And yes I am, want to walk together?" you asked, since you both had the same class.
When you entered, you took your seats next to each other and listened to your teacher drone on about something. You didn't pay much attention to your History class, but still got good grades because your friends were actually countries. But no one knew that except yourself.
Your teacher proceeds to take out a world map and show it to you. A few seconds into his lecture, you and a fellow American burst out in laughter.
"May I ask what is so funny Miss [LastName]?" your teacher asked sternly, obviously not pleased at your interruption.
"R-Russia's on top of C-China with Mongolia in t-the middle!" you replied, still laughing your head off.
:iconcross-angel-chan:Cross-Angel-Chan 191 73
I'm NOT Fat! [England x Pregnant!Reader]
                       I'm NOT Fat!
                       [England x Pregnant!Reader]
Anyone in their right state of mind would notice that Arthur was distracted. They were arguing as always, yet the Brit wasn't saying a word. He wasn't yelling at Alfred for his idiotic ideas, he wasn't succumbing to the need to strangle the French man next to him, and his attention wasn't even drawn to Ludwig when he took control of the meeting. Another average World Summit meeting, but without Arthur prolonging activities, they actually accomplished a few things.
"England!" America yelled at the top of his booming voice.
The country spoken to looked over to the younger nation in slight confusion and anger at his thoughts being interrupted.
"What's wrong, dude? You've been quiet all day." He asked, worry lacing his usually chaotic voice.
"'e 'asn't even tried to strangle me."
:iconmaybelle-maple:Maybelle-Maple 1,039 274
Your band had gotten their first gig tonight at a downtown bar, and you were nervous. In fact, nervous was an understatement. You were shaking, pacing, and trying to drink water all at once. Your guitarist shot a worried look at you.
You were the lead singer of your band (band name). You were really good, too. But the bar was really full, and you had this thing about singing in front of so many people.  
You ran a hand through your (h/l), (h/c) hair and breathed harshly before starting to get yourself into something that resembled a peaceful state. And then it was time.
You walked onto the stage, looking drop-dead gorgeous in dark skinny jeans, a (f/c) shirt, and you favorite black leather jacket. To top it all off were your black spiky high heels, and your black liner.
A few men in the crown whistled at you, but you ignored them. The rest of your band took their places, and the lights dimmed. You heard the churning intro of the song as you took a steadying breath.
:iconalycerain:Alycerain 112 24
Umbreon X Espeon Reader
I used to be a scared little Eevee. Afraid of any and every thing. That was until I met Umbreon. He helped me out a lot when mom got captured. I was surprised when he found me and he took care of me.
He found me in a tree hiding from the rain. He came in and shook and then acted like I was nothing. We started talking and I’ve never left his side since then. He takes care of me and I take care of him. Funny thing is that tree is now our nest.
Right now he told me to stay inside and he’d go get some food. I was working on the nest to make it more comfortable for us. Moving twigs and leafs. I went out to get move leafs.
“I thought I told you to stay inside,” Umbreon said.
“Oh, I just came out to get some more leafs,” I said. I turned around to see him with some leafs in my mouth. He had a sick with some Oran Berries on it.
We walked back and I placed the leafs down and then he came in. I sat down and he sat down. He plucked off a berry and scooted it to
:icontheravengirl95:TheRavenGirl95 417 233
Prince N X Reader - Our Utopia
I was seventeen now. Today had been my birthday so that was good but being a slave that didn’t really mean anything. I did my chores like always but then at night I went out to the gardens to do my last chore. Feeding the pokémon. Prince N liked for us to feed them since he loved every pokémon.
I loved his part of the day because I could have some interaction with them. I missed playing with pokémon and this is when I could. I fed them and petted them. There were so many it took about two hours.
When I got done I sat with them and watched them play. It was so cute. I wished I was a pokémon. Not having to worry about working and having people just feed and love me. That sounds like the life.
“Shouldn’t you be in bed? You’re a day maid,” a voice said.
“I suppose,” I said. “I guess I would get scolded for staying out here.” I got up and ducted my dress off. But then Pichu came at me and cried.
“Then ag
:icontheravengirl95:TheRavenGirl95 464 137
Green X Reader - Rainy night
Green held you as you were crying. You had woken up crying at a horrible dream you had about him. He had just disappeared from the world. No one had heard about him and he was no where to be found. And since he was so popular it was quite shocking that no one would have not heard about him.
You were happy that he had spent the night now. At first you thought it was a little weird for him to spend the night but he was your boyfriend so you let him and now more than ever you were happy that he was here.
"(Name), I promise everything will be alright," he said trying to comfort you. But alas all his avails were in vain because nothing would probably make you stop crying for this you  were terrified that something might happen to Green.
"It's alright," he said trying to coax you down again.
"B-But you were gone. Just like that. No where to be found. I-I . . ." You begain or tried to at least because soon your sobs got harder and harder. And now taking those crying breaths.
:icontheravengirl95:TheRavenGirl95 340 56
Gold X Reader - Ex-Girlfreind
Gold had left Professor Elm's lab in a hurry. He seemed like something was wrong. Really wrong. Maybe he and his girlfriend were in a rough patch.
"Hey, Crystal," you ask your best friend. "Do you or Silver know if things are going okay with Gold and his girlfriend?"
"Oh, you didn't know?" She asked. "She broke up with him."
"What? When?" You asked curiously.
"Either yesterday or the day before. I'm shocked you didn't know. He's been moping around."
"No. I've noticed that, just didn't know why," you said. "Kris, you think you can take care of this research by yourself?"
"Yeah, I guess. Gonna go cheer Gold up?" She asked.
"Yeah. I think he'll need it," you said worried.
"Have fun. He'll probably be at the beach. He's always there when he's upset," she said.
"Alright, thank you," You said.
You made your way to the beach on the edge of your home town, New Bark Town. You walked for awhile before you saw Gold. He was holding his lags and looking out at the ocean. You walked over quietly. Go
:icontheravengirl95:TheRavenGirl95 418 45
Green X Reader - Fun with the sick
"Can't you see I'm worried about you?!" You yelled at the gym leader in front of you. He had just pulled another all-nighter of studying and was now at the gym waiting for his challengers.
"I'm fine," he said.
"You're not fine, Green," you said a bit harsh. "You've been studying to hard and now you have your gym responsibilities."
He got up and said, "I said I am fine."
"No. You're not. Green, Red told me that you were up all night studying and now you're here at the gym," you said. "You need to go home and rest."
"First off, Red told you?" he asked skeptically.
"Okay. I asked him and he nodded but you know what I mean. You need to rest and now."
"I'm fine. I promise," he said.
He walked over to the window and tripped. You caught him and said, "No, you're not. Get that threw your thick head. If you keep this up you'll get sick."
He held his head and said, "I'll be fine. Stop worrying."
"Says the guy who has to use me as support. Come on, we're getting you home. Whether you like it or n
:icontheravengirl95:TheRavenGirl95 357 373
Kuragehime :iconannria2002:annria2002 1,129 59 Determination Pays Off :iconannria2002:annria2002 1,752 78 Kayden and Keye Family: Goodnight :iconannria2002:annria2002 2,123 78 Lucas and Rique :iconannria2002:annria2002 871 28 Miyo and Koga :iconannria2002:annria2002 1,066 24 Pengu Fish :icontraumtaenzer:traumtaenzer 1,007 128
Papa!GermanyxChild!Reader Part Seven
Papa!GermanyxChild!Reader Part Seven
Note: I am really happy you guys are liking this series. ☺ If you have any ideas for the next ones, feel free to comment them! I hope you enjoy this one like the others!
~*Germany’s POV*~
I’ve gotten (f/n) back. I’ve gotten my Kleine back, I thought, keeping a gentle hand on the back of her head, holding her close to my shoulder as she cried. I stroked the back of her head; my fingers running through her (h/l) (h/c) locks. I sighed softly, kissing the top of her head, and starting to rub her back. She still cried and buried her wet face into the collar of my jacket, with her little (s/c) fists gripping onto the sides of the fabric. I rubbed circles on her back, walking silently back to my house. No, our house. I sighed as I listened to little (f/n) cry softly. Vhy vas her father in the field…? Vat happened before I had gotten her? I thought, walking to the door carefully
:iconautumnewt:autumnewt 96 65
I'm gonna be your bubblegum bitch :iconevurinn:Evurinn 479 26

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Fight like a Girl :iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 6 0 All The Pearls :iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 2 1 Sapphire and Ruby: SU WIP :iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 8 1 Stevonnie: SU :iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 14 1 Garnet : Steven Universe :iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 10 5
Fairy Tail NatsuXReader Ch. 3 (Pt. 2/2)
(F/n) had no idea what she was in for when she slowly slipped into the bath tub in her small apartment.'Whew,'she thought. 'today was suchagoodday..'she sighed and sunk deeper into her tub as she thought about her morning...
This morning, her team had gone on a pretty easy mission. All they had to do was patrol a some rich guy's mansion from bandits. They were attacked four times in less than one hour, although the bandits were no match for Fairy Tail's strongest team, but it all went wrong on the fourth attack. (F/n) had gotten careless when the swing of her sword had missed the target of the bandit and she fell to the ground. The girl looked in horror as she saw a fist heading right towards her face. She closed her eyes nice and tight and waited for the impact, but it never came. (F/n) cracked an eye open to see a flamed covered hand grasp the bandit before she could be hit.
"Natsu.." She whispered. The pinkette sent her a grin of relief and blew the bandit and the rest of the villai
:iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 115 100
The Punk and the Bookwrom
The Punk and The Bookworm
He watched her closely, as her delicate little fingers gently turned the page of the thick book in front of her. He has never seen someone so deeply engrossed with a book before. It just seemed ridiculous! Yet, at the same time it fascinated him, how she wasn't like the rest. Her name was Autumn McGarden. The gentle and loving brunette that everyone knew and loved. Every time he saw her she would always be curled up in a corner with a book in her hands. It was just so strange! Although, he wasn't so normal himself. His face piercings could attract every magnet within a four mile radius, which did scare most people away. Though, that didn't stop him from developing feelings for the bookworm. He smirked at himself in amusement. “It’s just like in the movies..” he thought. Him, Axel Evans. The badass, the punk of the school, falling heads-over-heels for the quiet, kind, and beautiful Autumn. He mentally scoffed. Then, he was interrupted from his
:iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 2 0
Fairy Tail NatsuXReader Ch. 3 (pt. 1/2)
Rainbow: Hello again amazing people! Nice to see you again! well, I know I'm a day late with what I promised! And I'm so sorry! I am just a really slow person so please forgive me! well, Chapter 3 will have two parts (too lazy to type this much)Part one is all finished and part two WILL, I SAY, WILL be don within the week. Okay? Chapter 3 is a fight scene like I promised along with reader-chan's first date. 'With whom?' you ask?. Honhonhonhonhon! WE WILL SEE!!
Natsu: FINALLY! God! You damn slowpoke! I WAS GROWING OLD! You-
Erza: What are you talking about Natsu? Why are you yelling at Serena?
Natsu: Heh, I-I was just messing , r-right Serena-chan?
Rainbow: ...Take him away
Erza: Gladly
Natsu: N-no, NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Rainbow: Well, enjoy!
  (f/n) has been at Fairy Tail for more
:iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 120 98
Amy (Request) :iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 3 7 Adventure time fanart: Fionna the human :iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 2 0 New Chibi ID :iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 2 3 What :iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 4 1
AmericaXPregnant! Reader- Baby names
Okay guys, my first CountryXReader, no hate. Also I think I got a little off topic, but no matter! I hope you guys like it!
"How about Alfred Jr.!~" Your boyfriend practicly scremed. You moved a strand of (h/c) hair out of your face and turned to your obnoxius, childish boyfriend.
"Babe," You tried to sound clam, but it wasn't really working out. "You said that name three times already! And, once again no!" You and your boyfriend, Alfred, were picking out baby names. You were already 6 months along, and two weeks ago you two found that you were having a boy. So you did what any normal couple would do; Go crazy to find that perfect baby name.
"Whhhhy nooot!?" Al whined. You had to basically raise your childish boyfriend for two years, so you were way ready for a baby. You sighed and set down your cute little Hello Kitty note pad filled with baby names.
"This is hopeless! Were never going to find the
:iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 157 45
Chibi Self Outline :iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 2 0
Natsu x Reader Ch. 2 continuation (romance scene)
Soo, I have been having a hard time deciding whether to continue Pt 2 as a badass fight scene or a cute little fluff/ perverted scene... So I'm writing both! Here is your cute/perverted scene!
Natsu: P-Perverted scene!?! WITH WHO!!?
Gray: It's me of course you stupid fire eater! *Winks at reader-chan*
Natsu: Wanna start somethin' asshole?
Rainbow: Alright girls! Your both very beautiful, now stop fighting..
Natsu:...He started it....
Just then Natsu accidently bumped into Gray.
"so, you're just asking me to kick your firey ass ain't ya!" Gray said as he went to punch Natsu right in the face. But as badass as Natsu is (He is  a fucking beast!) he dodged Gray's attack.
"It was a accident you idiot!" Right then Natsu came back with a kick to Gray's stomach as a hard as he could.
"Gah!" Gray flew against the wall and fell to the ground. But he came right back up and tackled Natsu and then came an a
:iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 142 72
Fairy Tail NatsuXReader Ch. 2-(SNEEK PEEK)
Okay, some of you guys have requested a Natsu X Reader part two.... Well, I'm still working on it. Heh, I'm just not very good at writing. Well, here's what I got SO FAR! There WILL be more. Enjoy guys!!
Rainbow: WHERE WE LEFT OFF: Natsu has taken the beautiful (f/n) To meet his teammates (for those who don't know them: Lucy, Gray, Erza and our cute little Happy!) Will she join them?!?!? Let's find out!
Natsu: Well, you made kinda obvious that she will join them..... Just saying.
Rainbow: Damnit you stupid fire eater! You ruined it! I'm calling Erza-chan!
Natsu: N-No! Not Erza! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Rainbow: That's more like it! Now then on with the story!
Natsu: Oh! (f/n)-chan is SO CUTE! >.
:iconrainbow-babee:Rainbow-babee 109 56
Check out my gallary....Yes, I suck at drwing. I know. Don't judge. :)


Wow. Just wow. I am blown away. This piece is simply beautiful! I'm dead serious. You have got a gift my friend. The part I really like...

First of all, I want to just say that this is breath taking and I'm in love with this, I'm serious, you have great talent. The shading ...


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My Answers:
1. Do You Watch American Horror Story?
Yes! And I'm just LOVING the new season!

2.Do You Know Who Evan Peters Is?
YES! OMG YES! (I loved him in the new X-men movie personally)

3.Are You Hungry At This Very Moment? (I Am)
Nah, I just ate chips.

4. Have You Seen Bates Motel?
Ah, no, sorry.

5.What Is The Newest Fandom That You Are In?
Oh! Uh, Star Trek. Love me some Spock.

6.(Stealing This One~!) Grab The Book Nearest To You, Turn To Page 18, And Find Line 4. What Is It?
The Tale of Despereaux - "Do you hear that sweet, sweet sound?" he said.

7.Have You Ever Eaten Deer Meat? (Random I Know, But I Was Talking To My Friend And He Was Eating It So... XD)
Ah does elk meat count? Yes I guess.

8.Sherlock Or Moriarty?

9. Crowley Or Lucifer?

10. Who Is Your Most Favorite Character Like Everrrrrrr?

My Questions!:
1. Who was your first fictional crush? (If you have one)
2. Tumblr or Facebook
3. Favorite school read book and why
4. BONES OR KIRK!!?!@?!?
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6. Have you seen both Hobbit movies?
7. Can you name a thirteen dwarfs in the company off the top of your head?
8. Who is your favorite dwarf? 
9. Can you do a fishtail braid? (I can't and it make me sad)
10. Are you a Supernatural fan and who is our MOST fave character?

Sorry dear if I messed this up lol. I could only do 1 tag! And so I'll do 5 tags (not many friends lol)
:iconeternal-violet-void: :iconxalath: :iconcallmewinchester: :iconcappie-tan: and :iconamanda255: I hope that if you guys do this that you enjoy it and don't feel obligated to do this! Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] and you all are really cool, like really cool and i just wanted to say that but now I'm done have a good evening...

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